Success Stories

  1. The Elderly:

The idea to initiate Mamacare program was as a result of challenges Hon. Gathoni Wamuchomba noted were facing the elderly in the society. Majority of senior citizens have been subjected to neglect, abuse such as rape, battering, hunger and some have had their property confiscated by relatives, their own children and neighbors. Through home based care visits, we have been able to assist the victims. When visiting such homes, we are accompanied by voluntary:

  • Health officer
  • Nurse
  • Health educator
  • Social development officer
  • Nutritionist and
  • Physiotherapist

So far we have visited over 30 homesteads. During these visits, we have supplied these senior citizens with:

  • Aid devices such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, therapeutic beds in all needy cases
  • Foodstuffs
  • Blankets and other beddings
  • Diapers in all necessary cases

2.      People Living with Disability (PWDs)

Kiambu County has an average of 5% of its population made of people living with disability. Majority of these special members of the society have not been able to carry out their everyday activities for lack of proper aids. Through home based Mamacare visits, we have been able to assist, more specifically, children who require social intervention to access education and respective health therapies. Due to the extent of challenges experienced by parents of such children, their economic status has been greatly affected. We, however, have been able to supply their families with:

  • Aid devices such as Wheelchairs, hearing aids, therapeutic beds
  • Foodstuffs
  • Blankets and other beddings
  • Diapers in all necessary cases

Arrangements to empower theses families economically to enable self sustenance are also underway.


3.      Natural Disaster Victims

Natural disasters such as floods and unprecedented accidents such as fires have recently affected families in Juja, Thika, Witeithie, Githurai, Kiambaa and other areas of our county. Through Mamacare program, we have been able to rescue over 200 families in these areas. We have also been able to supply them with:

  • Food stuffs,
  • Blankets and other beddings
  • Assisted in reconstruction of their houses



4.      The Sick at Homes

Mamacare has been visiting the sick in their homes providing home based health services to those who cannot afford to hospital bills and whose issues can be handled from home. Mamacare, through health practitioners and rescue team offers curative services. For those with extreme cases, Mamacare team is working with county hospitals for ambulance services and referrals.


  1. Violence Victims:

Domestic and random violence is a common phenomenon in our society. Most victims of such violence suffer silently at home either for fear or retaliation or for lack of a person to listen to them and assist them find justice and medication where necessary. Mamacare has been attending to such issues with the help of local police and health practitioners where necessary.


Mamacare is a noble initiative initiated by the office of Woman MP for Kiambu County and deserves support from County and National governments, private sector, members of the public and all relevant stake holders. In order o serve the need of the people well, the initiative requires:

  • Mamacare ambulances/mobile clinic,
  • Partnerships in subsidized food stuffs,
  • Access to aids such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, walking sticks, artificial limbs, etc.
  • Qualified volunteers in the fields of Nursing, health counselors, nutritionists, social workers etc.
  • Access to funding and grants to ease access to assorted necessities.

Any assistance both in cash and kind are welcome and will be highly appreciated.

For further details, please contact:

Cell: 0714-721123 or 0701-819929

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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