Hillary Kimani

Hillary now happy with his wife…

Hilary kimani is a 50 year old man from Kiangunyi and a father of three sons. He is a retired driver who had been taking alcohol for the last 27 years. Due to his drinking problem he had completely lost the respect of his wife and children. He was always getting into trouble and never fulfilled his parental responsibilities.

Turn Around

When Hilary heard about Gamafrica foundation during one of his drinking sprees, he decided to attend the trainings and since then his life has been transformed for good. He says that ever since he stopped taking alcohol he is sleeping better at night and that his health has greatly improved. He quotes that initially he never used to share the same bed with his wife due to his bad oduor after taking alcohol and that they had two beds in his bedroom, now he admits that love between him and his wife has greatly blossomed as they can now share the same bed.

  Hilary would like to continue with his new way of life and buy a dairy cow to enable him to fully support his family. He is currently the chairman of one of Gamafrica’s mini groups called Muringaini C that intends to learn how to make powder soap as a group joint venture.

 Reformed Hilary...


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