Evelyn Muthoni

3rd May 2013 at Kangema public forum

Evelyn Muthoni is a 28 year old single mother of 4 children. Evelyn is a very resilient young woman who has been through a very rough patch in life.

 Evelyn dropped out of basic schooling at the tender age of 13 years when her mother and only parent passed on. This is because she was left under the care of her elderly grandmother who could not foster care properly hence leading her to become a house girl.

While a house girl at the tender age of 17 she got pregnant and with nowhere else to go she started prostituting herself and problem drinking as a way of living. With this kind of lifestyle she eventually became a single mother of 4 children.

Turn Around

Visiting “Gacheri” at her home…

When Gamafrica Foundation public awareness forum was taking place on 3rd May 2013 in Kangema Muthoni “Gacheri” as we nick named her was in such a drunken state at 10am in the morning. She had also passed urine on herself and was very vulgar and careless with her language. She still did gather courage to attend the forum and came for the training classes starting 11th May 2013.

“Gacheri” is now the star of the village this is because she is completely transformed. She has started trading a small green grocery shop. She is taking care of her children, is always concerned for their safety and completely believes in her new self. Some villagers and well-wishers keep her momentum while others try to bring her down. We visited “Gacheri” in her small house and the neighbors were the witnesses to this complete transformation.


She would wish to start a more stable business and eventually become a wholesale trader .She is now in one of Gamafrica’s mini groups known as Muguru reformist that intends to learn how to make Dairy feeds as a group joint venture.


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