Samuel Mugo

Mugo giving his suicide note…

Samuel Mugo is 37 years old and a father of 3 children. Samuel sat for KCPE in 1990 and was 5th in Kangema District. He narrowly missed being admitted to starehe boys but out of sheer concern they sponsored him fully to Kangema high school.Upon joining high school he started drinking alcohol and consuming bhangi at 15 years to run away from school bullying by fellow students and teachers. He did manage to stop consuming bhangi but continued with his drinking habits though in hiding since he was waiting to join university.

Upon joining university in 1996 he started the usual crazy drinking lifestyle this time with no much control. Mugo attributes this lifestyle to the fact that he had so much money at his disposal. This is because he had food grants from Starehe, HELB loans and sponsorship from his parents. His drinking led to expulsion from university at 2nd year because he was not attending school and was living with his classmate who was in the family way. When he was expelled, out of frustrations he resulted into problem drinking because he was already a father and couldn’t support his lifestyle. His has been a long journey of 10 years of ups and downs of being a liar, escapist amongst other vices.

Turn around.

The reformed Mugo

When Gamafrica program was introduced in May 2013 he was on verge of committing suicide because everything had lost meaning, he decided to join the program as a last result .Currently he is a reformed addict and his mother amongst other close relatives can now converse with him without reminding him of his past .He is the only parent to his 3 children since his wife and the mother of his children left 6 years ago because she couldn’t cope up with his drinking behavior. He is currently supporting himself through menial jobs and a few well-wishers also contribute.

His main dream is to go back to the university and start life all over again. His main challenge is that his village mates remind him of how useless he has become and they constantly scorn him “If going to university means coming to the village to pick tea and earn ksh 200 a day then it’s not worth it”

 He is currently waiting for readmission in Murang’a University College in September 2013.


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