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The journey towards making these transformations is financially and emotionally constraining and requires combined efforts .The Co-Dependents are the social support pillars to the Addicts. Eradication of the brewers from the scene translates to lack of supply. We look forward to support from the communities, individuals, institutions and Aid organizations.

The needed financial support includes

  1. School support –Adopting  an affected child through school by paying for  their school fees
  2. Rehabilitation and empowerment support-Adopt an addict through their transformation by paying up for their costs in the 16 weeks training program.
  3. Health support –Adopt a recovering addict suffering from lifestyle infections through their transformation by paying for their treatment.
  4. Feeding support-Support a struggling family by providing for their required food rations
  5. Publicity and awareness creation support-By travelling with us in creating awareness to the public about the ills and dangers of alcoholism.







Milestone Business Center, 2nd Floor Room C7 Along Northern By-Pass (Total Petrol Station).

P O Box 2566 - 00202  Nairobi, Kenya.

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