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School Support

A session with school going children creating awareness on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

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Public Awareness Forum

Advocating against illicit brew in Gatundu Kiambu County together with the local administration and communities.

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Recruiting CAV Target Groups

Public forums to campaign for responsible drinking & Recruit CAV groups

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Rehabilitation & Empowerment

A training session in Kangema with the addict group.

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Feeding Support

Taking refreshments during training

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School Support

Creating awareness at Ruiru Peak Academy on the dangers of underage drinking.

The people on Earth are all different and uniquely designed ultimately this is a good thing. Our differences symbolize humanity. 

Everybody has a fair chance of shaping their own destiny but these ones made a grave mistake of tasting alcohol and it took a toll on their lives and changed their course of life. They made a mistake; their mistakes are the differences that symbolize humanity

 We don’t   necessarily have to make the same mistakes they made by condemning, judging and sealing their fate. If we guide them, if we give them hope and draw them out of these problems we symbolize humanity, concern and elevate brotherhood. Our differences symbolize humanity

 Our energy reserves maybe exhausted in trying to change but the course is greater and bigger than us. It’s the changing humanity; it’s making the differences that symbolize humanity.

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