Institution Background

Institution Background

Nonpartisan, non-profit making organization established in 2006 with the aim of partnering with institutions which share a common interest of transforming and improving the quality of life by targeting alcohol addicts, their co-dependents and alcohol vendors’(CAV-Co-dependent, Addict, Vendor).

The institution endeavors to ensure that Every Addict participating in the programs has at least one Co-dependent within the program and DEMANDS that the vendor or the local brewer within the locality is absorbed into an alternative business to reduce the supply and lower the relapse levels. The institution focuses on these CAV target groups within four program areas;

  1. Rehabilitation and empowerment
  2. School support
  3. Feeding support
  4. Health support 


Milestone Business Center, 2nd Floor Room C7 Along Northern By-Pass (Total Petrol Station).

P O Box 2566 - 00202  Nairobi, Kenya.

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